We think of Teaching to Complexity as the 'back story' to Teaching with Text Sets. The book is a primer for selecting texts for classroom use. We seek to give teachers a deeper "keel" for understanding how texts operate, the nuances of genres, and why having "good" books in the classrooms matter. We link an evaluation of the quality of a book with its role in the classroom, and discuss the many, many different purposes for using books across the content areas and grade spans, and how that shapes your approach to selecting a text.

Ultimately, we then bring in a conversation about readers, matching the quality and utility of the book with a consideration of text complexity. We "unpack" what the CCSS says about text complexity and then present a process for thinking about how quality, utility, and complexity intersect when selecting books for curricular use, with readers at the forefront.

To find out more about this text selection process, you can watch this free 2017 webinar from Follett Library Resources.

You can buy the book here.